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GENTLE YOGA is for people who need or want to do yoga, but prefer an individualized approach.

If you are “FLEXIBILITY CHALLENGED” or have other issues which keep you from going to a regular yoga class, you may prefer this individual, partner or small group approach where the movements, instruction, schedule and location and are tailored to meet your specific needs.

GENTLE YOGA comes from Hatha yoga which is a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating techniques and methods from a variety of systems, allowing for a yoga practice that is completely individualized.

The word “HATHA” comes from "ha" or sun/stimulating energy, balanced with "tha" or moon/calming energy.  It is recommended for young and old, injured and athletic. It is also a wonderful way to treat, manage and reduce excessive tension and stress.

Throughout your day, you may find yourself taking care of everyone else’s needs...children, parents, spouse, friends, boss, etc. But it is important to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. When you are run down, or when your cup is empty, you are less effective at everything you do. Go ahead and give to everyone else, but also give to yourself. GENTLE YOGA is a terrific way to put your life (and your body) back in balance.

Dayle's Fitness serves clients in the Southern California area.

Yoga Instruction
One Session/ Package 5+
$80.00 /    $70.00
Partners (2 people)
$55.00  /   $45.00

Small Group
(3-6 people)

$35.00  /  $25.00

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