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Morrie Callaghan (Senior Vice President of Operations for a major US food manufacturer, Age 66)

"I have been involved in sports all my life and am still active playing tennis, lifting weights three times a week with some cardio work on the weekend – running and elliptical. However, I’ve also suffered many injuries over the years – ruptured Achilles tendons, knee surgery and shoulder injuries which has meant all my exercises has been undertaken with varying degrees of aches and pain.
Recently a friend suggested I take yoga/ stretching classes with Dayle and the transformation that has taken place within a 3 month period has been remarkable. From having very little flexibility, I can now do stretches I previously would have thought impossible. Additionally, all my other exercises and sport result in  zero aches and pain.

Dayle is truly a professional trainer, she is also a perfectionist (do it the right way) and she pushes each individual to their maximum capabilities. Additionally, she is a wonderful person to train with, she has great dialogue, a happy personality, introduces a huge variety of exercises and makes an hour long session seem like 15 minutes.
Dayle, thank you for making me pain free in such a short period of time and making me believe that the impossible for an old guy is possible.
I would recommend Dayle to anyone who wants to live a pain free active life."  

Angela Hunter: (Weight Loss Consultant, Age 31) "Dayle gives a great workout.  She pushes me hard while watching my form to make sure I do the exercises just right.  This way I get the maximum results and I don't have to worry about getting injured.  Dayle also knows how to make it fun.  Recently, she took me through a workout and the whole time she played great music, kept changing up the exercises, and I came away feeling strong and energized.  She's got all the equipment of a full gym, including a Gravity machine and TRX equipment.  But the most important thing she has is her passion for exercise which sure does rub off when you are with her in a session. Dayle rocks!"

Cathy Bourdon (Age 62, Retired and lovin' it!) " I began a training regimen with Dayle in early 2010 and continue to see her at least two days each week.  Dayle is such an inspiration!  My primary goal for training is to age as gracefully as I possibly can, knowing how important it is to have strength, balance and a level of fitness to sustain me as I age (I'm 62 now).  Dayle is very motivating and always encourages me, imparting her very positive attitude and genuine kindness.  Whenever I need a gentle reminder about how well I'm doing, she's right there to let me know that too.   I enjoy our workouts as Dayle is always prepared with a personalized workout, offering a variety of sessions to keep me motivated, from walking the trails at Torrey Pines, weight training in the studio, gravity machine, stretching, to yoga and more.  Her knowledge is vast, and her attention to how I'm performing is meticulous, to ensure that I get the very best benefit from each exercise and workout!  Thank you Dayle!"

Patrick Sweeney (Health Care Consultant, Age 68) "Dayle's method of training has benefitted me and my wife greatly over the past several years. She has developed a personal program for us which fits our needs and promotes great physical as well as mental fitness through weekly workouts and Yoga. She is an outstanding teacher and motivator. I recommend her highly."

Susan Peachy (Third Grade Teacher, Age 49): "Just a note of appreciation to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge and the encouragement that you so kindly and cheerfully impart to help me reach my goals. I look forward to our sessions. I feel safe when we work out and this mentally allows me to go beyond where I thought my limits were, to an ever-expanding new place. You know the difference between discomfort and pain. You celebrate my excitement over simple goals, like touching my toes. You value my time by being prompt and prepared and always asking, 'What do you want to work on today?' I am guided, not dictated to. You care. I am grateful. Most fondly, Susan Peachy".

Kathleen V. (Retired, Age 75): "Many months ago my daughter, who is a physician, and my neurologist advised me to seek a personal that could individualize a program to help me with big balance issues and strenthening my core muscles.  I came to know of Dayle's professionalism, wisdom,  caring and flexibility traits through one of my community gatherings, and knew I had found the right person to work with me----.a very out of condition, 75 year old, with a previous history of a stroke.   In just a few short months, Dayle's training program has helped me with my gait, my ability to get up from the floor unassisted, and firm up my saggy body parts.  Casual friends and my doctors have told me "You look great; keep doing what you are doing."  My appointments with Dayle's Fitness, LLC program are wonderful parts of my weekly activities and I feel blessed to count Dayle now as a friend as well."

Valerie Houchin (Sales Manager, Age 34)  
"Training with Dayle over the past few years has been great!  I like the flexibility of training at the gym, as well as outdoors and Gravity small groups. She always has a big smile to keep me going!"

Kris V. (Radiologist, Age 52): "What a workout - I could barely walk or sit for the next two days - and it all seemed so simple while you were having us do the different leg/glut exercises. Had to call Mark so I could commiserate with him to make sure I wasn't just being a wuss. Of course he was love/hating it too!"

Julie Regan (Age 65): "I have had a private workout session with Dayle twice a week for nearly five years. Every workout with her is guaranteed to be a positive experience. Dayle has an individual lesson plan for each workout, but can quickly improvise to accommodate any physical or emotional need I sometimes bring to our session. The outcome is I always leave feeling better than when I came. Well, who can complain about that?"

Anne Wages (Special Education Teacher ): "There were SOOOOO many days I went to meet with you where I was feeling insecure, frazzled, etc .-- only to leave our session feeling optimistic, healthy, and full of love. You have a precious gift -- way beyond the physicality of shaping a body (which you're great at as well) -- but it's much more than that. It's in your energy -- and it is SO healing to be around. I feel so blessed to have spent time with you -- You are an inspiring, grounding, accepting, and beautiful soul!! THANK YOU~Anne

Adam: " I've been meaning to send you this note for five years. That's how long it's been since I took my first spin class with you. The 4:50 a.m. wake-up can be tough, but that 6 a.m. reward (it feels so good when it's over!) makes the early start oh so worth it. I feel the dividends of the early spin for the rest of the day. Every time. My clothes fit better, I don't sweat when I eat and my wife says I'm much more "frisky."
Any instructor could learn from your music choices. I'm always impressed by the way our riding position and intensity synchs up with a song's changes in tempo and intensity. That might not be rocket science, but it shows you put a lot of thought into picking songs and organizing your routine.
I appreciate your dedication and your willingness to wake up early so the rest of us can try to stay fit."

Whether you meet two or three times a week, or a couple of times a month, Dayle provides the outstanding professional guidance, knowledge, motivation and caring to help bring you to a healthier life.

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