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PERSONAL TRAINING through Dayle’s Fitness is exactly that...”Personal”. It is about YOUR health and well-being. Workouts are designed to meet YOUR needs and are as individual as you are.

Dayle’s approach is to take you from where you are now and move you continually toward a healthier life by teaching you safe and effective exercises and activities.

Depending on YOUR needs and goals and what is appropriate for you, this can include...

STRENGTH TRAINING ...using your own bodyweight, Free Weights, Resistance Bands, Medicine Balls, and traditional weight training machines, as well as specialized equipment such as the TRX and Gravity machines.

CORE TRAINING ...utilizing your own bodyweight, as well as specialized equipment such as Stability (Swiss) Balls, Medicine Balls, the Bosu, TRX and Gravity Machines.

BALANCE...specialized techniques and movements designed specifically to improve balance and stability provided through Stability (Swiss) Balls, the Bosu Balance Trainer, Airex foam pads and Foam Rollers.

CARDIO...interval training, running, walking or combinations of both at local beaches, lagoons, Torrey Pines and other outdoor natural settings, as well as through the use of traditional indoor cardio equipment.

FLEXIBILTY...through stretching, gentle yoga, and myofascial release, assisted by straps, foam rollers and specialized equipment for stretching

Dayle's Fitness serves clients in the Southern California area.


Personal Training
Single Session
Package 5+


Partners (2 people)
$55.00 each
$45.00 each

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